Thursday 20 August 2009

Still alive

Yes, I'm still here. No the domain name isn't fixed yet, and for that reason it's highly unlikely that there's anyone reading this anyway, but here goes anyway!

In case you've been missing me, I've just finished the Graduate Academy course. That involved 4 weeks of work experience with Hubbub-Farsight in Cardiff. It's a great little company to be involved with and I found out lots of useful stuff, and hopefully I'll be working with them a bit more in the near future.

Another group that I'll be working with a bit more is the Air Training Corps - or the Air Cadets if you prefer. This group of young people are looking for a bit of media exposure... and I'm not doing much at the moment, so put one and one together and what do you get? an opportunity. Just waiting on the nessasary forms to be processed and I can take a bit of a bigger role. I don't think you'll be seeing much ATC stuff on the site at the moment though, but I'll put a link up. Whilst not doing media stuff, I'm working on a Motorsport project, and also music as well... all fun.

Other than that, I'm back into job hunting mode. If you're a member of the industry reading this, then watch your post box, as it's likely to recieve something from me soon. I'll also be updating the main site when it returns with the latest projects, although there's no new video just yet.

And if you want Music, then why not try my good friend Ulrich - he's got a new website too :