Sunday 14 February 2010

Quietness... explained.

yes, I know, once again I've neglected the blog. Hopefully you've been keeping up with my tweets (see the twitter tweeter on the right of this entry) so you'll know that I haven't been not been completely inactive.

Yesterday was interesting. Vision mixing for Glam TV's live coverage of the Chinese new year celebration. Whilst there were a few problems (not least with the computer that does the streaming failing to spot the vision mixer that had been hooked up to it all morning and that had worked faultlessly up to an hour before we were due to go live.) In the event, the whole thing went very well.

Today was Pembrey for the first time this year... it's shaping up to be a great year of motorsport in the UK, and also the international series keep me interested. Other projects have included writing WRC previews for USF1 Journal, so keep an eye out for those.

And I'm still looking around for work. Someone has suggested specialising in vehicle mounted camera systems, and it's a possibility, but I'd like to keep my options as open as possible. I've got Job applications in already, and plenty of programme ideas to develop, so we shall see what happens with them.

Meanwhile, I'm glued to the Winter Olympics. I love my winter sports, and I hope that the UK can bring back something shiny!

Bye for now.

P.s. Got a surprise today in my e-mail box from the latest twitter follower...

From:   twitter
Subject: Sir Stirling Moss  is now following you on Twitter!

Crikey! If you're reading this Sir Stirling, I shall see you at Goodwood no doubt.