Monday 11 May 2009

I want... Information.

Driving between Treforest and Bridgend gave me a good glimpse of the new "Valleywood" - or Dragon International film and TV studios, near Pencoed. A whole 5 or so miles away. Drive past the site today and you'll see 4 TV studios all there, with their shiny offices attached, apparently all fitted out [but not necessarily kitted out] and just waiting for someone to move in.

Which by the looks of things, no one has.

So... why not? I can't find a website for the studios, I can't find a phone number, and I sure as heck can't find any information as to who actually owns the studios, who is running them, or if they are going to be let out to any production companies any time soon.

You can probably understand my fustration. Here's 4 brand new facilities and no one is using them - when by now there could be at least 4 potential employers practically on my doorstep!

Does anyone actually know who owns the place? Has there been problems financially? When is something going to happen!?

Similarly, every time I go down to Llandow I see two great big aircraft hangers, apparently sitting dormant. It occurs to me that with a bit of work you could have a studio/exhibition facility, half an hours drive from Cardiff... Think of what you could do with them.

Welsh international Motor and Motorsport show anyone? One hall full of the latest road cars and bikes, the other full of race, rally, and competition machines, the circuit buzzing to the tune of demonstrations... and the rest of the week the hangers become studio space for films and TV shows. I could personally do RST in there, and move outside onto the track for the track test segment.

There's huge potential around here, and it's not being realised. No wonder I can't find a job... no one is taking the chances that are clearly on offer!

Anyone got a spare £2m? I want to buy two aircraft hangers (!) 

Wednesday 6 May 2009


Right now, I'm just a bit on the wrong side of stressed. I have a documentary to finish [it is finished bar putting Ulrich's wonderful music to it] write several essays, and then the small business of actually finding a job. At least one which gives me money, anyway.

It is therefore not a good time to be a telesales marketer selling mobile phone contract. There are about 8 companies out there all of whom are trying to sell me another new mobile contract as mine is running out soon. Like I said - Vultures. Circling my contract waiting for it to die.

If you're one of them, take a hint. Don't bother ringing me because I simply won't answer you. If I do want to deal with your company then I will phone you - not the other way around. For the record I'm well aware of my contract's limited life expectancy, and I've already chosen it's replacement. Now does anyone know how soon I can get rid of the one I have now.

Also it'll have Skype on it [guess the network then], which will make life much cheaper!

I hate phones. I really do.

By the way, apologies in advance if you're not a mobile phone company and you are trying to call me. I'm afraid that if I don't recognise your number I'm more likely to deny the call - if this happens wait, and leave a message...