Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Right now, I'm just a bit on the wrong side of stressed. I have a documentary to finish [it is finished bar putting Ulrich's wonderful music to it] write several essays, and then the small business of actually finding a job. At least one which gives me money, anyway.

It is therefore not a good time to be a telesales marketer selling mobile phone contract. There are about 8 companies out there all of whom are trying to sell me another new mobile contract as mine is running out soon. Like I said - Vultures. Circling my contract waiting for it to die.

If you're one of them, take a hint. Don't bother ringing me because I simply won't answer you. If I do want to deal with your company then I will phone you - not the other way around. For the record I'm well aware of my contract's limited life expectancy, and I've already chosen it's replacement. Now does anyone know how soon I can get rid of the one I have now.

Also it'll have Skype on it [guess the network then], which will make life much cheaper!

I hate phones. I really do.

By the way, apologies in advance if you're not a mobile phone company and you are trying to call me. I'm afraid that if I don't recognise your number I'm more likely to deny the call - if this happens wait, and leave a message...

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