Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Unemployed... and busy?!

I'm amazed. I have no permanent job, and yet I find myself very busy all of a sudden. Next week I start work filming a masters Student's film in Newport (which will mean I chalk up yet another camera type onto the kit list), There's cadet projects, Graphics for Glamorgan Student Societies and a motorsport blog, a race meeting to marshal, Wales Rally GB, and the small matter of getting a job. And none of that brings me any money!

At least no one can accuse me of being lazy...

oh yes, and if you look down on the right, you can see that I'm experimenting with Twitter, I have so far gained 6 Followers. I did note that some Twits(?) have a tendency of advertising, so they got blocked very quickly... the current 6 I haven't sorted through yet... there would appear to be a F1 Magazine, the BBC News Magazine (!!), a racing driver who was at Goodwood (Hello to you, if you're reading this, hope you enjoyed the event!) and a couple of others.

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