Monday, 7 December 2009

Wonder why it did that...

Not for the first time, Livestream baffles me somewhat. The player on the front page wasn't working earlier, yet it works now. How odd. I haven't done anything to it to make it work or not work.

Stopped off in a radio studio earlier and managed to avoid getting on the air myself, but it's something that I may be doing more of in the near future, particularly with the addition of a couple of cameras to the studio

I've actually been in Cardiff today in a production office logging rushes, after 45hours of working in a supermarket, it's a relief to be back doing a proper job, albeit for no money! I feel as if I've got two jobs at the moment, One I like but doesn't pay me, the other I hate but it does pay me... the conundrum is that I can't get rid of the one I hate. I know I haven't actually told you where my unpaid work is yet: All in good time though.

A fantastic Christmas present would be something a little bit more permanent though.

So, sorry for the confusion earlier. Carry on!

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