Sunday 5 December 2010

Refreshed, Re-Launched, Ready to go!

Old readers start here

Hello everyone! I'm back! Firstly, what do you think of the new look? The main site has changed to a simpler, cleaner, more attractive version, and the blog has had a bit of a makeover too. Other changes around here include a new button to a new project that I'm trying out. It's called Overdrive UK, and it's a monthly motorsport video magazine programme which you can watch by visiting this blog's sister site,, and I'd very much appreciate your comments on it too.

Filming wise, well there's been Overdrive of course, and I've also spent some time with the Air Cadets filming a training video for their flying trips. This involved an aeroplane, a land rover, and some very obliging chaps who gave chase to the former in the latter with me in the back pointing a Sony Video Camera out of one of the side windows. Land Rovers have many uses, it seems.

Work wise, there's been... um... none. I'm currently working for Cardiff Council as a so called Records Clerk which means I live underground and file things. Not that interesting if I'm honest, but hey, it's something. With any luck it'll be full steam ahead in January into Telly Production... if everything goes right.

Quick reminder that you can follow me on Twitter - and I update that much more than I do this blog - by going onto the respective site and looking for @kevinmcmullintv (or use the gadget thingy on the left hand side), and of course I'm still on Youtube (

Right. I'm off to do some Christmas Shopping and dodging the snow!

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