Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Sunday was a fun day's filming. As part of a series for Wheelnuts on the lesser known motorsports, I spent the day at Llandow filming the Bridgend Automobile Club's Autotest event. The filming itself went very well indeed. and after lots of editing [most of which completed by Sunday evening] I recorded and added the voice over to it on Monday, and it should be up later on Today. Probably in the early hours of Wednesday. 

A big thanks to Dean, Tom, Chris and Tony for helping out with participating in the filming by the way!

A new skill I managed to pick up in the edit is that of being able to blank out number plates, or indeed anything. It's somewhat time consuming, but the effect looks good, and is certainly not that bad for a first go.

Until the video arrives then, here's a pair of screenshots. You'll get the good stuff soon, honest!

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