Friday, 27 February 2009

Down by Murphy's law.

It's not often that a day's events get to me, but today has well and truely taken the proverbial biscuit.

First, I forgot my memory key - I realised it was missing just as I got to Culverhouse cross outside Cardiff. This would not normally be a problem, but it had the news title sequence for the day's live broadcast on it

Hurried phone calls and 2 train trips later and I've got it back again. and arrive back in uni to be told that I need not have bothered making the trip - and indeed Ulrich's talents in composing the music were in vain. Someone else had already made a title sting. Marvellous!

I'll put the one which I made up online so you can see it. it's only 15 seconds long, but I like it!

The one highlight of the day was running the small insert studio for a live news feed. This sounds simple, but all the VT inserts were being played in from another studio in a different part of the building - and worse, I couldn't see or hear them! It took a lot of communication and lots of saying "Cue" to make sure the presenter got his lines in on time. That went really well.

Unfortunately the communication flew away for the last section - I had no idea where on the script we were because I couldn't hear or see the program, no one told me anything - untill about 10 seconds before I had to do it. The resulting effect was that the presenter was thrown into the "newsroom" which suddenly came alive, and then he found his voice! For a first attempt, not bad, but a lot of work needs doing.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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