Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The results of the Time Lapse Experiment.

I think with hindsight, The concept of timelapse is sound, but could do with a bit more work - for a start making sure the computer doesn't shut off [hence why there's a big of a jump in time]. Rather more alarming, the car moves after it's been parked. I didn't move it, so why did it move... somewhat unnerving.

I had thought about getting the dogcam out for a snowy drive, but all the snow has gone now, so I can't.

Tuesday was the most snow we've had for some time, certainly. you've probably seen it on the news, and if you're one of my European based friends, had a good laugh at how pathetic we Brits are when it comes to snow. It was probably the daftest thing I've ever done, but I chose to go into uni for my weekly Studio session. Well one of them anyway. I do enjoy these sessions. Studio work up till now has definately been lacking from my life - and I seem to be settling into two distinct roles. Sound mixing and floor managing [haven't done vision mixing yet though].

We'd got the set and lighting planned, the script was being written, and then Andy our lecturer walks in and explains it's snowing quite heavily, so if any of us had to go any great distance, it might be an idea to go now.

I call home, and yes, it's snowing quite heavily. Best to head back then.

30 minutes after I left, Uni was closed, so I missed nothing. about 5 minutes before I arrived back [surviving a slightly slippery moment on a nearby roundabout] It stopped snowing completely, and about 10 minutes afterwards me and Dad went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. I even had my sunglasses out!

They do say there'll be more snow on Thursday. I'm not missing Friday's studio session for anything! Last week we had a mock Police news conference. Which went from our technical view, very well indeed. Well other than one of hte 2 radio boom microphones dying on us, and the talkback system failing. The Journos also enjoyed it. finding holes in the police students stories, picking at them, hammering wedges into them, then going for the kill. I don't have any video to show you, but suffice to say my music technology degree is working wonders. People listen to me when I say what needs to happen on the sound. Joy.

Oh yes, and I'm still blanking out those number plates.

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