Thursday, 28 January 2010

Advice please...

The plan was simple. Attach a dogcam to an air cadet's flying helmet and pop him or her into an aeroplane and film the flight. Simple. (I refuse to say Simples on principle!)

Except that the people who own the aeroplane don't want to do it with the dogcam, they want to do it handheld instead.

Now, that asks an interesting question. Whilst I can't see any problem with using a handheld camera inside an aeroplane whilst it's flying along quite nicely and above all straight, What on earth happens when it turns?

Not sure what I'm talking about? Well put it this way, when you corner in your car, if you do it slowly then you don't really notice much. If you are a bit more enthusiastic and do track days, you'll note that anything not bolted down gets thrown from one side of the car to the other when you try and go around that chicane. The question is, if an aeroplane does a tight turn, which way does the force go on the camera? Is it likely to produce a force large enough to remove the handheld camera from the hand, so to speak? What about Aerobatics? In short, how do you film inside an aircraft with a hand held camera?

Mounted cameras, easy - I've seen plenty of videos done that way and it's the way I'd nominally do it. Hand held asks so many questions. Sure, if it was a big airliner then handheld is no problem, but a little light aircraft?

So I'm stuck. Any suggestions? Anyone done it?

And yes, I have seen this : Isn't life easy with mountable cameras?

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