Saturday, 13 March 2010

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Utterly Ages ago I was asking about aircraft hangers next to Llandow Circuit. Well the answer has now come forth : They are for sale. Price unknown.

I wonder how much they cost, but selling the area as development land will almost certainly mean the end of a pair of WWII Hangers that at one point were full of Spitfires. And that would be a shame when you consider just what you can do with a great big hanger full of nothingness...

I'd love to use that area as a studio come exhibition centre come autotesting venue... but I think it's probably out of my price range somehow, and they do need a bit of work.

Anyone want to buy a pair of aircraft hangers? My birthday is coming up, would make a nice present!

That was a joke. Hah Hah. Fat Chance.

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