Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My life has gone crazy.

Argh! What happened? Someone look at me and think (rightly) that I wasn't busy? I've had an offer of employment from Sainsburys (accepted despite it being night work), a phone call today asking would I like some work experience next week at a ... um ... well established Cardiff production house (I won't tell you which one though!), an invitation to visit Hubbub again, an appointment with the bank (what on earth do they want now?)

Setting that up, then also add a remembrance Sunday parade to sort out radios for, attempt to do something on the subject of air cadet motorsport, find myself making 3D models of aircraft hangers on a whim (maybe it'll come in useful? I still want one of those hangers!) and try and keep my Grandfather mobile.

And I still find time to get to see a bit of Ice Hockey (first game in 3 years!). Devils were on top form last Sunday, although Belfast had the audacity to turn up 2 hours late then take the first goal!

Also, I've been thinking of experimenting with 3D... suggestions for subjects please.

Anyway, life is now crazy. Help!

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