Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New projects, New Directions?

About time for an update. Even though once again I find myself heading for work in Sainsbury's over christmas I'm still trying to get into the television business. It's just that I may have to find new and interesting ways of doing it.

So, Having been to a roadshow with the BBC's commissioning editor speaking, I am now working on 2 new documentary style programmes and updating R.S.T-UK with a new look and title. That's the idea anyway, hopefully someone will like them!

It occurs to me that I've never actually put any services that I can offer on this site. Prehaps it's time that I did!

Incidentally for any Motorsport website editors or broadcasters reading this, I have worked out how much it costs to offer a video news reporting service from all the rounds of the WRC to include interviews from mid day service, the end of day press conference, coverage of the ceremonial starts and finish, and anything else I can point a camera at.

We can dream, can't we?

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