Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mobile Phone Wars, part the second.

With apologies to Asp for nicking his idea of [noun] wars.

A few weeks back I mentioned the vultures out after my mobile phone, as the contract is due up. Well. I've pretty much made up my mind with what to do with it, but I need to know an exact date for the contract to end with my current, very pink, phone company who shall remain nameless. But very pink.

So I asked them via a webform...

[From .CO.UK]
message:How can I find out when my contract is due to end? I would like to know the date when I can cancel the direct debits and make new arrangements.

Many thanks

I got a reply which read...

Hi  Kevin,

Thanks for you recent email, I  have checked  your details and can see that we can offer you some excellent offers.

I am working monday to friday 11am till 7.30pm so if you want to email back  a convenient time to call you to discuss further.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Ivan Iqueo'six
Pinky Mobile

Where exactly did I mention I was interested in any of their offers? Which I'm not. I want a phone with skype on and Pinky mobile don't sell one. There isn't a date on the contract, but if I'm right, then it runs out either this Friday, or next month, which means I'm either about to be cut off, or I've got another month to put up with this bunch of clowns.


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Asp said...

They never want to lose your custom.

See breakdown companies also...