Monday, 15 June 2009

What an interesting weekend!

If you do have to go all the way to London [150 miles away from home], then you may as well make a weekend of it. Turned out to be a weekend of amazing co-incidences.

For a start, I arrive at the location of my job interview [that was the entire point of the trip], and whilst waiting a rather familiar figure comes out from his interview...

Only Boris Johnson himself!

In case you're wondering, the interview went rather well. Don't want to reveal everything here of course.

Saturday turned out to be the trooping of the colour, something that I hadn't seen before and it seemed a good chance to join in the festivities. We got a good spot in the Green Park, enjoyed the music, got a glimpse of a live Broadcast for BBC News, and turned out that we'd put ourselves right on the flight path of the Fly past! Doesn't get much better than that.

Meantime, now I'm back home, I've got the Supply Chain Wales conference to edit... watch this space

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